Electric Vehicle Charging

We have three 22kW EV chargers onsite that are available for public use. 

90 Miles of range in just 30 minutes!

 (Average charge from a 22kW charger)

To opperate the EV chargers please download the tap electric app and follow the instructions - You will be charging in no time! 

While you wait why not pop into the Cow Shed Cafe for a coffee?

Powered by the Sun

At Brownings Farm Workshops we aim to be as green as possible. The great thing about using our EV chargers is that they are powered largely by the Sun. Using a 60kW solar installation on the roof of our building, these power the 3 x 22kW chargers. So you can drive your cars safe in the knowledge that they are as green as possible.

If you are a tenant of the workshops please let us know, We may be able to offer you reduced charging rates! Email: wrightsonsltd@outlook.com