Brownings Farm Partnership


We are are a family run farm, now in its third generation of family members. The original parts of the farm were purchased by Desmond & Betsy Gunner in the 50's, this was run as a diary farm for sometime as well as arable crop production. Other parts were later pruchased by Paul & Alison Wright (Desmonds Daughter and her Husband) in the 1970's.


The farm is managed largely for biodiversity, with many areas of land being set asside to encourage wildlife. We graze a large part of the farm with sheep, which are looked after by Alison Wright. The remaining land is managed woodland, managed by Andrew Wright (Silveroaks forestry), the timber is responsibly harvested, sold and then replanting occurs. We also produced firewood as Brownings Wood Fuel, this part of the operation is carried out by David Wright. Some of the timber havested on the farm even makes it in to the production of furniture by Thomas Wright TW Fitted furniture.

In 1982 we diversified and converted some of the original farm buildings to create Brownings farm Workshops, which is still owned and run by the family, although this is now a seperate entity to the farm partnership.

The Queen's Green Canopy

We are pleased to say that a recent tree avenue we planted on the farm has been accepted as part of the Queen's Green Canopy, Platinum Jubilee Tree Planting. Click to see the map

Life on the farm in Images


Ploughing, Harvesting & Haying

Timber Extracting, Logging & Planking